all things considered…

Things here are a big, fat OKAY.  Not good, but not bad.  I am way behind on packing.  It’s a good thing I work well under pressure.  I feel like this will never end.  I know it will, but it feels like forever.  Time can be a tricky thing.

I’m frusterated with my progress.  I’m frusterated with the kids.  I have no more patience.  I want things NOW and what things done NOW.  Ben is being difficult because he doesn’t want to move, and Joe is still just one-handed.  Juli is enjoying a multitude of mood swings, Sam has actually been pretty good and Sally is just totally grooving on my in-attention to her.  She has been Trouble, with a capital T.  All of this put together = grumpy Laura, and I hate being grumpy. 

But, I can do it

I will do it

with a smile

I’ll make the best of what I have.

(weather I want to or not)

One response to “all things considered…

  1. In a few weeks you will be in your new home, unpacked and ready to start with the next phase of your life. I’m sure that is a mantra that is going through your head right now, as you try and get everything organized and accomplished.

    I read you often, but comment rarely. There are no words big enough or meaningful enough to let you know just how sorry I am that you are having to go through all of this pain. This isn’t what you expected your Canadian adventure would end up being, and I hope that your new adventure back in the States will bring you many years of peace and joy and laughter.

    Best wishes for getting everything packed, a successful move south, all of your possessions arriving on time and in working order, your new house ready to go, laughing kids and wonderful memories (both old and new).

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