Today was…

A good day!!  Can you believe it?  The moon and the stars must be aligned just perfect for me today.  I had (for the most part) helpful and well-behaved kids, I got lots of work done, I successfully completed “man jobs” and I didn’t break a nail!!  I feel like super girl today, and I love it!  I even cooked.  Roast chicken, mashed potatos, gravy, and corn, and I didn’t even use the microwave (because it’s still sitting on the kitchen floor).  I even was able to EAT, it was YummY!! 

The kids will start school on Thursday, I can’t wait and neither can they.  I just have to find clothes for them to wear, and get them to actually sleep at night and then things would be even better. 

I also felt like Jeff was with me today, and that was nice.  I’ve missed him lately.  I do know that he is pleased with me and what I have done.  That makes me smile.

Soo… All in all…. So far, so good.


7 responses to “Today was…

  1. yeah…. Love ya

  2. What a great day!

  3. Sounds like a great day. Congratulations! You rock for making it happen 🙂

  4. How awesome!

  5. You go girl! One day at a time for sure. Not sure you want to string the words “good day” and “cooking” together or those kids are bound to expect such superhuman powers!

  6. Yay! Good for you Laura, I am glad you had a good day. And that the children were good for you.

    Here’s to more good days coming your way. 😀

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