Me Oh My!!

So yeah, I hate the fact that I KNOW what I need to do to feel better.  I hate it because then I have no reason to complain about not feeling better.  But enough of that.  We’re writing GOOD things today…

The kids are adjusting wonderfully, I really had no doubts about that.  They are amazingly adaptable kids.  They make me proud (when I don’t want to duct tape them to the wall)  The school tested their reading levels and they all tested way above their age level.  I don’t feel so guilty about not taking them to school in Canada now. 

They have all made friends.  It’s kinda cool how after school they all pile into the house, demand food and then take off again.  It’s wonderful!  They all have major attitude issues, some of that is to be expected, and some of that I think, is just to torture their poor mom.  We’re working on it, slowly, but surely. 

I’m working on eliminating some distractions in my life, so then I can focus on what HAS to get done.  I have managed to get a few things crossed off my to-do list.  I have not been a very good friend, and I have not been a very happy person lately (just ask the kids) but, I am trying.  I miss Jeff so much.  There are so many little reminders that he is not here.  So many things that shout “You’re Alone”.  I have accepted this, I have no choice, but I really don’t like it. 

All things considered, I am doing FINE, OKAY and NOT BAD.


4 responses to “Me Oh My!!

  1. Fine, okay and not bad beats the hell out of depressed and miserable—you just keep on pushing through!

  2. “…no reason to complain about not feeling better…”??? Give yourself a break – not that you really need a reason but if you did, you have the reason to trump all reasons – you are recently widowed, you have five young children, and, as if that isn’t enough, you just moved your entire household!

  3. Glad the kids are doing well and I am glad you are feeling better. This is your BLOG… if you want to complain, go for it. I am glad things are looking up. Everything is going to be fine, you are doing great. And doing what you are expected to do. You are a wonderful person. Keep your chin up. And remember, it’s alright to feel down. (Big Hugs)

  4. One day at a time girl. Slowly a routine will develop to ease some of the chaos. Just keep writing and moving along.

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