Kids, Kids and more kids


Reason #347 why it’s pointless to clean the kitchen:

Sam thinks empty counter tops make comfy seating areas and Ben likes to cook, but not clean up his mess.


This pic so reminds me of Jeff.

Sally Anne has turned into Hell-child, seriously.  She is always in trouble.  She looks for ways to be naughty.  She LOVES taking baths so she’ll purposly get dirty, or her latest… she’ll rub soap in her hair, then she HAS to take a bath.  She spends more time in the tub then I do on the computer (For Real)

Sam, I have discovered, is slightly spoiled.  He screams and fights when things don’t go his way.  We’re working on this.  He also has this look that melts my heart, and he knows it.  I’ll tell him “no” and he’ll look at me and give me his puppy dog face, sadly enough, sometimes it works.

Juli is bossy, and mouthy.  She’s almost 9 now, I can’t wait for puberty.  In reality, I can’t imagine it getting much worse (knock on wood).  Suprisingly though, everyone else thinks she is just a doll, a perfect angel, a bright ray of sunshine.  It’s like jeckel and Hyde.  Jeff and I used to call her a “Bi-polar Bear”  and it’s still true.

Joe is typical pre-teen with a small dose of naughty little boy.  He likes to bug everyone.  He loves to make the little kids screech.  He is doing better than I expected in school and has a wide social circle.  He hasn’t picked out his girlfriend yet… He likes to scope them out for a bit before he chooses.

Ben is doing very well in school, he had a band concert the other night and did great.  He has found his friends and has picked out his girlfriend, he always picks the girls that already have boyfriends.  He befriends them and then waits patiently for the girl to dump the other boy for him.  The girl he has his eye on is beautiful and way taller then him, I hope he doesn’t get his heart broken.  There is nothing worse than a grumpy Ben.


Things aren’t so bad, today is not a bad day.  Hopefully soon the good days will out way the bad days.



2 responses to “Kids, Kids and more kids

  1. It sounds like the kids are adjusting well to the new home, new school, new friends. Glad to hear there are beginnings of some good days, good moments, good memories.
    Now for the kitchen, just have him scoot around on the counter a bit more, and maybe a little twirl on the floor for good measure. Then all you have to do is wash his clothes! See, he’s multitasking and doesn’t even know it.

  2. I have had more 9-11 year old girls make me cry than any other group ever all combined in my life.
    Good luck with that one, my prayers are with you.

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