I just don’t get it…

When ever things finally start to seem okay something is always there to kick me back down.  I’ve decided to just stand here with a stupid look on my face cuz I just don’t get it…  I’m almost afraid to start getting my hopes up again, because the whole disappointment thing is so overwhelmingly depressing.

To start with, I have sick kids.  3/5th are pretty sick.  I am getting sick.  And Ben, oh Ben has a hurt hand.  He went to punch joe and then joe moved so ben ended up punching joe’s hip.  Ben’s hand is all bruised and poofy and joe’s hip in fine.

And today I recieved the full accident report.  Things on the report are different from what I was lead to believe.  This REALLY upset me, and still upsets me.  and most likely will forever upset me…

I wish things could be different, I know they can’t, but I wish anyways.  Until things get better I am just going to walk around with the Ker-Fluffled look on my face…



3 responses to “Ker-fluffled!

  1. django's mommy

    Hugs, Laura. Just huge, virtual hugs. And maybe a virtual vodka shot, too.

  2. Hugs from me too. I wish I could find that damn magic wand so I could wish all of this away for you.

  3. I read your blog often, but never know what to say. You are travelling such a hard, hard road. So I’ll just add my hugs, too.

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