So I’ve been wondering… Am I attracted to drama?  or is drama attracted to me?


dog bite day 2 (pm)

(notice how nice my nails look???)

I was bit by a really cute fluffy dog.  How freaky is that?  Want the whole story?

I see Ben limping around the house.  He informs me he was attacked by a dog.  Apparently he was riding his bike and this dog got off his chain and chased down my kid and bit him on the calf.  So I load up Ben in the car to find this dog and make sure he has been vaccinated for rabies and what-not.  We found the house and this cute little fluffy dog was chained up outside.  to get to the door I have to get by the dog.  At this point I’m thinking Ben was mean to it and that’s why the dog bit him.  So I slowly approach, hold out my hand to be sniffed, and the freakin’ dog attacks ME!!!  Ben is laughing his ass off in the truck…

Luckily Ben “knows” where the sheriff lives so we head on over there….

I’ll have to finish the update later, sorry, naughty kids.



5 responses to “Drama

  1. Noooo….. You can’t just end it like that. I need to hear the end of the tale.

  2. So did I ever tell you about the time I was bitten by two dogs at the same time? Or did I tell you about the time I got bitten by a different dog? And I too had to notify the sheriff. Perhaps there is a reason why I like cats better.

  3. Oh..no! That is nasty and looks like it hurts!

  4. Please don’t leave us hanging. First of all, are you and Ben alright? Did the dog have his shots? What is happening with the dog?

  5. P.S. Your nails do look lovely.

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