Memorial Service

The memorial service was okay.  The minister did a great job.  It was hard, to leave him.  I’ll write more later, once things have calmed down. 

Jeff’s stone.  I love the way it turned out.

Balloon Release.



This is the back of the stone. 

My tattoo

My new tattoo.  It hurt like hell!

Jeff’s sister’s tattoo.  It means “brother” in Chinese.

11 responses to “Memorial Service

  1. The family depiction on the stone is just incredible…beautiful memorial. Hope you are taking care.

  2. The stone is beautiful.

  3. The stone is absolutely beautiful, I aslo love the back of it.

    And your tatoo looks awesome. Makes me want to just jump off the computer and get one down myself.

    Umm, second thought, no way. lol I don’t like pain. But is it really nice. 🙂

  4. I agree, the stone is beautiful.
    Lots of hugs and prayers.

  5. You’re back! I’ve been checking on you everyday, praying that you were doing okay and that you were traveling safely. I am glad you have it behind you, but I know it is hard to have it behind you, too.

    I love the way the stone turned out, too. It looks so, strong, I think. So much like I would picture Jeff to look. I love the inscription on the front, and the picture of the family on the back is just wonderful – such an incredible way to honor him and his family, too.

    I hope you are doing okay. We’re all still here, reading, everyday.

  6. Yes, a beautiful, moving stone.

  7. django's mommy

    Oh, god- the back of the stone- brought tears to my eyes. I love that. Mad love to you, Laura.

  8. The stone is just beautiful, and I love the tatoos.
    *big hug* for having to leave your beloved. that’s hard, very hard.

  9. The stone is absolutly beautiful…i love the family part..and your tattoo is amazing..did u get it done in sudbury???

  10. The stone is beautiful as are you.

  11. Just catching up on your entries. I’m planning to get a dancing snoopy with angel wings, somewhere on my shoulder…I’ll let you know how it goes. Keeping u in our thoughts

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