Yay Me!

In an effort to get my life back on track, or at least something that somewhat resembles a track, I made a list.

And… I crossed things off my list.

I bought the swingset for the kids, it will be put together on Saturday.  (Kids are very excited)

I made a dr appointment, and actually went to it.  Doc thinks I need to double my dose of anti-depressents, I wonder why?  No really, I wasn’t bawling in the exam room…really.

I made muffins, like I used too.

I called around and found a day care for Sam and Sal.  Just a few hours a week so I can nap, er…. I mean clean.  Today was their first day and they both loved it. 

I am hoping this up will continue, but I am prepared if it doesn’t.  I will be okay, I can make this work for us.  I can succeed.  I can be happy.

Gosh, I miss Jeff.

4 responses to “Yay Me!

  1. Hooray for you! You can do it 🙂
    Very good, courageous steps. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. django's mommy

    Good for you!!

  3. Yeah, now you are on a good track, keep it up. You deserve time for yourself to do whatever you want to do. Keep it up!

  4. Oh girl, I feel you on the lists! I’m all about some lists, not necessairly back on track yet, but I’ve got the lists 😉

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