Animals @ the Zoo!

Today is Ben’s birthday.  He’s 14.  I really can’t believe it.  He wanted a drum set, so we went and picked one out today.  How come drums don’t come with earplugs? 

Sam and Sally are enjoying daycare.  They have lots of fun and lots of friends there.  Their daycare is on a farm, so it’s kind of like in Canada.  Today Sam and his friend hung out in the barn while they de-horned and casterated the cattle.  Gotta love life lessons.

Juli stays busy running the neighborhood with her little friend, yesterday they had a lemonade stand.  She is ALWAYS outside.  She sleeps very well at night.  Yay!!

Joe’s birthday is coming up in August, he’ll be 13.  He has grown soo much.  He’s almost as tall as I am.  He also has that lovely puberty attitude.

I’ve spent the last week catching up on house stuff and laundry, trying to get organized for our trip to Canada.  The drive sucks, but visiting will be nice.

I’m kinda sad today.  I lost a friend.  They don’t have time to be a friend to me right now.  I understand, but it still makes me sad.  I’ve gotten through worse though, I’ll get through this.  8(

Uuuggghhhh!  I’m starting to really dislike the drums.

4 responses to “Animals @ the Zoo!

  1. I have a drummer also. He got his right about Ben’s age. They are loud, but I have grown to love hearing him play. The friends congregate at our house with their instruments, and it is a lot of fun. Home Depot and Lowes have great earplugs, just in case. Happy Birthday, Ben.

  2. Good luck with the drums! I hope you have a great holiday weekend! Happy Birthday to Ben!

  3. Happy birthday to your Ben!

    I feel your pain about the drums. Actually, there are 3 percussionists here. We have had the drumset for a long time, but my almost 14 year old just added a double-kick bass pedal and a cowbell yesterday.

    Have a good, safe trip. (At least you won’t have to listen to the drum beat for awhile!)


  4. I love the cowbell! Always reminds me of Will Ferrell on the SNL skit – “More cowbell!”

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