Independence Day

WooHoo!!  Happy 4th.  I’m being sarcastic.  Another Holiday alone.  It’s odd how you can feel so alone even when you are surrounded by people.  It makes the “alone-ness” so much more profound.  When I see other couples happy and together I get so jealous, I hate being jealous.  I want that back, I want happy together.

Mr. Clean magic eraser removes pen from walls as well as arms and legs.

When kids play drums at 2:30am, and then mom plays drums at 7am, kids don’t play drums at 2:30am anymore.


To remove the ding ding from a cow you tie a rope around it, Sam says it doesn’t hurt the cows tho…

If you take the horns off a cow, does that make them less horny?  Laura wants to know (LOL)

When you are laying in bed all alone, having a big hairy dog jump in with you does not make you less lonely, just more hairy.

Even if she is cute!

Juli has learned the value of wearing shoes when cute dog is visiting.  Ewww…Poo…!

Hanging out with depressed people when you are depressed is not a good plan.

When you live in the middle of nowhere, you get only country music stations, and country music is soo depressing.

When the daycare lady asks what your children like to eat and you don’t know, maybe you should start cooking again. 

When you complete your daily to-do list it’s a wonderful feeling, when you almost complete it, you still feel good.  When you cross of everything except “cook supper” It’s still okay.  (note to mandated reporters:  My children do eat and are growing)

Have a great Independence Day!!  (Independence Sucks, I want someone to depend on)

4 responses to “Independence Day

  1. Big Hugs to you, Laura.

    I tell my husband.. You can have a laundry done, a clean house, dinner cooked, a barn clean, and horses ridden… but NOT all of them.. maybe only TWO of those items in one day. lol…

    Just do what you can.

  2. dutchess of malfi

    Dear Laura,
    Have read your site for some time but just now saw the link to your “zoo.” (Sometimes I’m computer slow!) Your children are so beautiful. I’m sorry your 4th “sucked.” Like everyone else who reads your blog, I wish there was something I could do to help make things better for you. All I can do is hold you in my heart and hope. As for the drums–better you than me!

  3. I’ll keep the drum tip in mind for future use 😉

  4. django's mommy

    Thinking of you, Laura.

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