We’re still in Canada enjoying the hospitality of the in-laws.  We’ve done lots of fun things and we are all doing okay.

I just wanted to pop on and let everyone know how awesome the cemetary is.  No, really, it is very comforting.  I sat out there today, on Jeff’s spot, for an hour or so and just chatted with him.  It was so peaceful.  I almost regret having him buried here instead of close to me, in Minnesota, but his family needs him here.  (and I think he likes it here)  I placed 5 beautiful butterflies next to his headstone, they look so cute, but also so sad.

I miss him…

I’ll update more when I get back to MN.

2 responses to “Hmm…

  1. Find comfort where you can friend…thinking of you.

  2. The site sounds beautiful and it appears you are finding a small bit of peace being near him. Enjoy your time together. Safe travels.

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