Just for fun

I’ve always like cliches (how do ya spell that?)  bur with a sarcastic twist…

“every cloud has a silver lining”  but silver is still grey, and grey means rain….

“life is like a box of chocolates”  make sure you taste them all…

“when life gives you lemons”  ask for salt and tequila…

“the early bird gets the worm”  I’d rather wait for bacon….

“when it rains, it pours”  may as well, rain is rain…

Okay, little kids whining…gotta go

One response to “Just for fun

  1. Laura,
    Loved your twist on the cliche’s.
    I read back through some of your older posts and wish I had the magic to make your life better right now–this going through the pain moment by moment, on and on has got to be hell.
    All I can wish you are moments of peace and joy in spite of the weariness and pain.
    Wendy Erickson
    Red Wing

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