I was waiting to post until I actually had something upbeat and happy to comment about, but alas…Life still sucks.  and I am still hanging in there, sometimes by a rope other times by a tiny thread. 

The kids are all doing well, they are happy most of the time. 

I am still working twice a week which means I have to get dressed and be friendly, it is probably good for me.

I’m making plans to take the boys backpacking, Jeff would be proud of me.

My house is a mess and my organizational skills have left the building.

I still can’t make important decisions, and prioritizing is almost impossible.

I really miss being a wife.

I enjoy going to church.

I considered running away to join the circus, but my resume wasn’t good enough.

It’s been almost 10 months, and still feels like last week.

I miss Jeff!

2 responses to “Yuck!

  1. Life still sucks.

    Yup. That thing that happened 10 months ago still happened. It sucks.

    I’m in the same boat, wanting to write more positive things, but you know what? Life still sucks.

  2. Aww honey, I’m sorry life sucks. I wish life were easier for you.

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