I know….

I know it’s been a while, but to my credit I have actually written a few things and the deleted them.  So I have written, just not shared.

Being a single parent SUCKS!  I get soo busy trying to keep up with the kids, the house and everything else.  I sometimes think I am insane (maybe I am)  I have no time to just be, which I need so much now.  I’ve been trying to sneak away a couple weekends a month, but that is getting difficult.  No one wants to babysit FIVE kids.  Really, I can’t blame them.  It seems like I miss Jeff more on a practical level now.  I miss him being with us, I miss the help.  I miss his rules, I miss the way the kids listened to him.  I miss the structure he provided our family with.

Ben, Joe and I spent the last 4 days backpacking and camping.  Brr… sleeping in a tent when it’s below freezing is COLD.  Hauling a backpack that weighs more than one-third your body weight is HARD.  I am still sore.  Jeff was always a big outdoors fan, me, not so much.  He used to take the kids hiking and camping all the time.  I was thinking this would be a good way to spend some guy time with the big boys, and honor Jeff’s memory.  I succeeded at both.  Jeff would be soo proud of me.  I did it.  We backpacked 7.6 miles total.  It was fun!! 

I’m not working anymore, I think that is a good thing.  I’ll miss the social time, and the money, but the kids need me more.

Sam and Sally have been sick lately, hacky yucky cough that keeps us all awake at night.  Hopefully that will end soon.

School is going well for all involved.  I went to Ben and Joe’s conferances, and came home mostly pleased.  Juli is doing wonderfully.

We aquired a puppy, she is 8 weeks old and cute.  I’ll post her pic soon.

I guess thats all for now.  I will update on a more regular basis now, I promise.

7 responses to “I know….

  1. I’m glad your doing ok, and that you posted. I’ve checked alot and hoped you are ok. Doing the stuff that Jeff did is hard but it shows that you can do the same things and not avoid them. sometime the familiar helps the healing. Take care and prayers and hugs

  2. Glad you’re back Laura I’ve been checking to see where you are. Glad to hear all the family are OK and you seem to be doing OK too. Hang in there X

  3. I’m glad to hear that things are more positive, even if they are still stressful. I’m continuing to send good thoughts your way!

  4. Good for you, backpacking at all! I’m thrilled for you that you no longer have to work…I think you’ll really be grateful for the opportunity. So glad you shared today!

  5. Glad you are doing well, it can be stressful, but you are doing it. 😀 I would never ever be able to do the hiking and camping like what you did. Hands down to you. Your kids will look back on this and say wow, mom was so great, she has done things that dad used to do. And they would think back on all the good things that has happened. 😀

  6. Back to nature. The call of the wild…

    But I’ll tell you what – it makes your own bed seem so much more comfortable, however empty it might seem.

  7. Glad you’re back and doing well!

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