Day 357

On a lighter not…

Here are the things I have learned, most of these are things I would rather not.

*Retail thereapy really works, sometimes it’s cheaper than paying a professional, but sometimes it’s not.

*I look horrible when I cry

*You can’t “cry your eyes out” but you can come close

*Being “the boss” isn’t always fun

*Anxiety attacks are no fun

*Kids still grow even when they don’t eat healthy

*Inviting dogs in the house is easier than vacuuming

*Even if you don’t get dressed for a month, you still have to change your jammies

*sometimes friends don’t act like friends, and family doesn’t always behave like family

*Post Tramatic Stress Disorder is worse than PMS

*You can survive months only eating frozen pizza and Mountain Dew

*when you are stressed your hair falls out

*there are very few things better than a nap

Speaking of naps, I have exactly 1.5 hrs of child-free time….Sweet Dreams

2 responses to “Day 357

  1. Hey, you have learned quite a bit from this and I am sure there are even more lurking in your mind. Dogs are much easier than vacums and I think a nap sounds like a mighty fine idea!

  2. The other morning, my day had been off to a stressful start – just hectic and hurried, getting stressed with the kids (I hate that!!), etc. After I dropped my son off I remembered somehting we needed for the house, which of course meant going shopping. I was surprised how much the thought improved my mood! I really don’t even have to buy anything (except for a diet coke along the way). Sometimes just getting away from your own daily things and looking is enough to lift the spirits.

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