December 16th

Well, I have made it through another birthday.  I really miss being spoiled by my sweetie, but I did kinda spoil myself.  The kids all went to a friends house and I went down to the Cities.  On Saturday we had the MN widdas Christmas gathering.  It’s good to connect with other people who “get it”.  On Sunday I went to a concert.  It was really fun. .  My kids love their music and so do I, check them out.

Christmas is all around us.  I have the house decorated, we have the tree up, and we have tons of snow, but what is missing is the “magic” .  I really dread crawling into bed on Christmas eve alone.  Waking up and watching the kids open presents alone doesn’t thrill me either.  Christmas will be here no matter how I feel, so I have decided to do what makes me feel best, and that is doing good for others.  So far I have managed to do a few things, but there is always more I can do.  I plan on getting presents for a family in need.  I also really want to bring cookies to the nurses who end up working on Christmas eve.  There are so many other people who will not be happy on Christmas, if I can make just one person smile, then I will smile too.  Christmas is the season of giving after all.  How can you bring joy to someone?  What can you do to make someones Christmas a little bit brighter? 

Do it!


3 responses to “December 16th

  1. Laura – thanks for the inspiration. It does always feel good to do something for someone else. I’m feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do before next week, but it really should be fun and feel good – focusing on doing good. I’m going to try to see what I can do, too. Glad you had a nice birthday.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be making 5 special people smile at Christmas Laura. X

  3. You are a remarkable woman. Seriously, step back and give yourself some credit girl. You are moving on despite unthinkable odds and doing a fine job. Decorated home, tree at the ready, willingness to help others who need a bit of cheer. You ROCK! I sincerely wish for you a holiday season full of love, memories, and peace. Enjoy your children and all the trimmings of the season. I know someone special is with you every moment and every step of the way smiling at all you have accomplished.
    Now, take one hour and dedicate it to you and only you. You deserve it. Know you are in my thoughts and I am humbled by all that you do.

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