Reason #964: Why kids need a dad

Son:  Hey Mom, I need compression shorts.

Mom:  Why?

Son:  For wrestling

Mom:  You have shorts, here, where these.

Son:  No, I need COMPRESSION shorts.

Mom:  You have plenty of shorts, you’ll be fine.


Mom:  Why?

Son:  So my balls don’t fall out, OKAY!!???

Mom:  Okay, I’ll get some.

6 responses to “Reason #964: Why kids need a dad

  1. I know that children really do need a dad – my husband lost his when he was 5, and I think it still affects him – but still, you’ve gotta love the humor in that!

  2. OMG! Well, now I know what compression shorts are! At my age, you’d think I would have heard of them by now! Great answer though, Laura. You are doing a great job with those kid! We luv ya!!!

  3. OMG, you are so funny! Nice to see the humor is coming back even in this awkward time. I agree, a Dad would come in handy here for these things.

  4. Nah, compression shorts are the new jock straps. I don’t recall when they came into the male sport scene, but they are a bit more comfortable than the old jock straps.

    Me, I have a different problem. I’m a father, alone, with daughters….

  5. I have to laugh—with two boys of my own we have had these conversations more than once.

  6. Oh my, leave it to kids to just say it as it is.

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