count down

24 days until we move, AGAIN.

Remember when, just 10 months ago, I had to pack everything…Here we go again.  Still I run into the same obsticles.

Jeff’s passport…only one more page left to fill.  It took me about 30 minutes to put it in a box and tape it up.

But!  This is a good thing.  For everyone.

I’ll write more soon.


7 responses to “count down

  1. Just wanted to wish you all the encouragement in the world. I have been reading for awhile but don’t think I have commented before. You are doing a wonderful job in extremely difficult circumstances. Well done and hang in there

  2. Good luck with the move Laura. Onwards and upwards..

  3. I have so much admiration for your honesty and clarity… we can feel your distress, and determination. From watching friends who have lost their beloved husbands, I see that there is a way to survive and grow the courage that you need to grow the confidence that you can survive. It looks like a series of enlarging circles, I think, some repeating and some making progress but eventually you have a flat plate of experiences to keep you afloat above the mire. I wish any of us could help but that isn’t easy either; with my friends I just feel crushing helplessness plus dread that it might happen to me too,(no reason why any of us should be excluded, any more than those who have been picked out). On the plus side, I am sure there is more out there than mere mortals can detect, so Jeff is walking with you. Good luck with the next step, you’re doing so well. Would you like a little poem? Next week.

  4. Moving is a lot of work. But moving for a purpose feels different — like a real step along the road.

    Wishing you all the best, from snowy London.

  5. Best wishes on your move. You are one inspiring lady.

  6. Just over a week left…good luck with the move!

  7. It is scandal!

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