Monthly Archives: April 2009

An Update (Finally)

Soooo… We have moved again.  I think it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Financially it was a stupid decision, but in all other aspects it ROCKS.

I am so much happier.  We’ve found a fantastic church, who has been like family.  I’ve started taking swing dance lessons once a week.  I’ve made friends, I’ve started volunteering again.  It’s like I have awakened from a long sleep.

The kids are doing GREAT here!  Ben and Joe both like school.  They enjoy the church youth group, and have made lots of friends.  Juli and Sam have a blast at school and Sam actually goes WILLINGLY!  They also enjoy the church and have made many new friends in the neighborhood.  I’m actually looking forward to summer so I can have all the neighborhood kids playing in my yard.  Sally is LOVING church.  She is such a social girl, and loves to sing. 

I can not believe how my general outlook on life has changed so much, this move has been like a new start, for all of us.  I LOVE it!  The only thing that would make it better would be if Jeff was here to share all of this with us.  I miss him!