An Update (Finally)

Soooo… We have moved again.  I think it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Financially it was a stupid decision, but in all other aspects it ROCKS.

I am so much happier.  We’ve found a fantastic church, who has been like family.  I’ve started taking swing dance lessons once a week.  I’ve made friends, I’ve started volunteering again.  It’s like I have awakened from a long sleep.

The kids are doing GREAT here!  Ben and Joe both like school.  They enjoy the church youth group, and have made lots of friends.  Juli and Sam have a blast at school and Sam actually goes WILLINGLY!  They also enjoy the church and have made many new friends in the neighborhood.  I’m actually looking forward to summer so I can have all the neighborhood kids playing in my yard.  Sally is LOVING church.  She is such a social girl, and loves to sing. 

I can not believe how my general outlook on life has changed so much, this move has been like a new start, for all of us.  I LOVE it!  The only thing that would make it better would be if Jeff was here to share all of this with us.  I miss him!


14 responses to “An Update (Finally)

  1. I’m glad to see that things are picking up, and that this move has been successful. Here’s hoping that it just keeps getting better from here on!

  2. I’m so happy for you. Finding a great church is so wonderful – a great center for your family. It sounds like you found a great neighborhood for all of you as well. Way to go, Laura!

  3. Good to read your post Laura. It’s so great to hear that your family is doing so well and you are starting to look forward again

  4. Beautiful update…and a long time in the making. Hoping the sun continues to shine on you!

  5. Oh this was so good to read. Kinda feels like when you have had a long run of gray and rainy weather and some blue sky starts peeking through. I do so want to see you again too, besides just hear from you.

  6. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well!

  7. It’s nice to get your head above the clouds eh?
    I’m so happy for you!
    You are a beautiful soul, and good things will come to you, and your children!
    Jeff must be beaming with pride, knowing you are finally getting that sparkle back in your eyes.
    I wish you well.

  8. you simply sound so much better.
    this makes me so happy.

  9. Laura, what wonderful news… 😀 I am so happy to hear you and the children are doing Great. Jeff is there with you hun… He is watching over you all and smiling down on you from heaven.

    Keep on shining!!!

  10. Glad the move worked out well. You’re on an upward curve now. Keep rising !

  11. Been thinking about you. Hope all is well. Take care.

  12. Josh the photographer

    Looks like you fell off the face of the earth. I hope that just means you’re too busy having fun to bother blogging, etc.

  13. Hi! Have always followed, have never commented.. hope your absence is b’cos you are simply super busy.. thinking of you with love and positive vibes 🙂

  14. Hi Laura,

    How did the children like their first week of school? Hope all is well. *Hugs*

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