This time of year…

I hate this time of year.  everyone is so happy and excited for the holidays, i just look ahead with dread…  I wonder how long it will take to actually be happy about thanksgiving and christmas again.  I feel bad because the kids deserve to have that fun and excitement again, but now matter how hard i try, my heart is still not in it.  This year it will be even harder because there is very little money for presents.  which makes me feel even worse.  ugh!

I hate being so whiney all the time, I hate being so alone, even with 5 kids i am always so lonely. 

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!


5 responses to “This time of year…

  1. Five years later, I still hate the romantic commercials from Kay Jewelry et al.

    All the celebration of everything to be thankful for, all the messages of how joyful family town is … just underscores what is missing.

    Take a deep breath, take it one holiday decoration at a time. We’ll get through.

  2. Laura- How about making Christmas gifts? One year my family did that and it was so much fun. My youngest brother made me something from popsicle sticks, and I saved it until it finally wouldn’t stay together anymore. My mom sewed me something from a fabric I loved, and I painted some things and made ornaments. It really kind of brought back some of the meaning of Christmas, and I always remember that one as one of my favorites.

  3. This time of year…

    I keep thinking of you. Well, I guess it does not make better anything for you. But I do think of you and your kids. These are gray November days here and I keep wondering how you manage life. There was that glimpse a few days ago…

    What is it that could help? Unfortunately noone can bring back your old life. Is there anything else to get some joy in your life?

  4. Laura, I thought you might like this website:

    -as if a bunch of charts and videos could fix this… I know they can’t, but just looking to offer some tools of hope and encouragement.

  5. I understand completely. Even after 6 years, this time of year is not at time of joyful celebration. It is a time of personal memories and quiet reflection. Not the happy, best wishes mentality most others try to show.

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