Oh My…It’s been almost a year

Well hello again!

I think it’s time for an update.  The kids and I have been living in a suburb of the Twin Cities, great neighborhood, great schools, great church.  My dad moved into a corner of my basement a little more than a year ago.  It’s nice having him with us, although it is a bit weird living with my dad sometimes.  The kids enjoy having him here and he enjoys the kids.

The kids are all growing and healthy.  Ben is 16 now (gasp), I have no idea how he got so old.  Joe is 15, Juli is 11 (in middle school) sam is 8 and sally (otherwise known as Sauper Sal) is 6.  They (so far) have all started school on the right foot. 

I am working on going back to school, I need to investigate more financial aid options. Maybe Ben and I can go to college together, he’d like that I bet.

So this is just a small taste of whats been going on, I WILL keep the blog updated.  Writing is great threapy.  Stay tuned!!


2 responses to “Oh My…It’s been almost a year

  1. Laura,

    What a great surprise! I have checked so many times… 🙂 Glad to hear from you and the kids. I also wonder how they can grow that fast! I just read the hate list. I hate headache ( seems to be a very loyal friend of mine). May I add this to your list? Oh, and I am curious about tomorrow’s likes. 🙂

    Nice to “see you” here.


  2. Great to see you’re “back” Laura. I’ve often wondered how you all are and am so glad to hear you’ll be writing again.

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