I Like:

I like that no matter how old I feel the acne fairy still leaves me little pimples on occasion.

I like how Sally always wakes up all bright and cheery, as soon as the sun rises, even on Saturdays.

I like how when my teenagers need money they are the sweetest boys.

I like how when I go to Juli’s school conferances it like they are talking about a totally different child than the one I live with.

I love Sam’s puppy dog eyes, especially when he uses them for good instead of evil.

I like how even though I am 35 years old I still have to “sneak” in when I come home late, so I don’t wake up my dad.

I like how God keeps suprising me with all these crazy plans for my life.

I like Chipotle, wait… I love Chipotle.

I really like backpacking Glacier National Park.

I like how my bed is always ready to love me.

I like Spongebob squarepants.

There, I did it!

Have a fan-tab-u-lous day!!


2 responses to “I Like:

  1. What a nice list. My favourite is the “sneaking in”. 🙂

    I like my boys being with their grandparents. And coming home. 🙂

    And I like that it’s almost bedtime here. So my bed is already waiting for me.

  2. I love that I popped in on the off chance that I might find you here.. and what a cool post – yay! Thanks for putting a big cheesy grin on my face.. xxx

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