I am so happy for the miners in chile.  I stayed up all night watching as they brought each one to the surface.  I went through so many tissures, crying and smiling in equal ammounts.  Can you imagine being the miners being brought up?  How odd to “rejoin” the world after being away for 2 months.  Can you imagine being the wives and families of the guys?  To finally have your loved one back in your arms…   Ahhh…

And the wonders of technology, to be able to accomplish this amazing feat.  The ability to be able to keep them alive for 2 months at 2000 ft below ground.  I love it!  I love the geeks and nerds of this world.  Soo stinking cool!!!


I Like:

I like that no matter how old I feel the acne fairy still leaves me little pimples on occasion.

I like how Sally always wakes up all bright and cheery, as soon as the sun rises, even on Saturdays.

I like how when my teenagers need money they are the sweetest boys.

I like how when I go to Juli’s school conferances it like they are talking about a totally different child than the one I live with.

I love Sam’s puppy dog eyes, especially when he uses them for good instead of evil.

I like how even though I am 35 years old I still have to “sneak” in when I come home late, so I don’t wake up my dad.

I like how God keeps suprising me with all these crazy plans for my life.

I like Chipotle, wait… I love Chipotle.

I really like backpacking Glacier National Park.

I like how my bed is always ready to love me.

I like Spongebob squarepants.

There, I did it!

Have a fan-tab-u-lous day!!

This is what I dislike…

Im going to complain, cuz I can.  This is really a list of things I hate, I would have used that in the title, but hate sounds so negitive.  By Golly tho, I’m feeling negitive.

I dislike Hate:

when I cant sleep at night

Grammer, spelling, and punctuation

when joe shuffles through my underware drawer to find my secret stash of cookies

TEENAGERS, especially when they belong to me and think they know everything

when my kids sneak into my bed, when I am not home, with their stinky socks on

when said kids eat crummy stuff (like my secret underware drawer cookies) in my bed

Road construction, especially that cute girl who holds the stop sign and gets paid like $30/hr.  Really?  I’d hold that sign for $25/hr

being widowed (life is soo not fair)

being a solo parent

dirty dishes

There, I feel better now.  Tomorrow I’ll make a list if things I like…Ohhhh I’m so excited. 

Sweet dreams!  Hug your sweetie n kiss your kids 8)

Oh My…It’s been almost a year

Well hello again!

I think it’s time for an update.  The kids and I have been living in a suburb of the Twin Cities, great neighborhood, great schools, great church.  My dad moved into a corner of my basement a little more than a year ago.  It’s nice having him with us, although it is a bit weird living with my dad sometimes.  The kids enjoy having him here and he enjoys the kids.

The kids are all growing and healthy.  Ben is 16 now (gasp), I have no idea how he got so old.  Joe is 15, Juli is 11 (in middle school) sam is 8 and sally (otherwise known as Sauper Sal) is 6.  They (so far) have all started school on the right foot. 

I am working on going back to school, I need to investigate more financial aid options. Maybe Ben and I can go to college together, he’d like that I bet.

So this is just a small taste of whats been going on, I WILL keep the blog updated.  Writing is great threapy.  Stay tuned!!

This time of year…

I hate this time of year.  everyone is so happy and excited for the holidays, i just look ahead with dread…  I wonder how long it will take to actually be happy about thanksgiving and christmas again.  I feel bad because the kids deserve to have that fun and excitement again, but now matter how hard i try, my heart is still not in it.  This year it will be even harder because there is very little money for presents.  which makes me feel even worse.  ugh!

I hate being so whiney all the time, I hate being so alone, even with 5 kids i am always so lonely. 

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!

I want my life back…

All in all things are going pretty well, but everything is different. Sometimes it is so painfully obvious how much things have changed. My life is gone, and it’s not coming back. Things will never be like they were when Jeff was alive. I have spent the last year trying to make them be the same and have failed. I just can’t do it. (i’m having acceptence issues) I want my family back! I want to be a wife. I want to be a whole family. I want my kids to have a dad. I want to be loved. I miss it soo stinking much!

In the mean time…. kids are doing pretty well. Ben and Joe are both in high school now (ACK) Sally started kindergarten (Jeff would be so proud) Juli and Sam are doing very well. They all have friends and seem generally happy.

I wish I was.

I still have flooded Hoffman house to sell. Know anyone who wants to by a moldy house? I am still paying too much for rent. Ben needs $450 to go on the school band trip to Chicago (where is that money tree?) I am now working, fun job, but pays minimum wage, and ends in a few weeks. I still can’t get housework done. My kids still won’t eat real food, but they are growing (thank goodness for the Goodwill) I hate being bummed out! I hate being loney! I hate having to do everything BY MYSELF!!!

I want my life back…

An Update (Finally)

Soooo… We have moved again.  I think it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Financially it was a stupid decision, but in all other aspects it ROCKS.

I am so much happier.  We’ve found a fantastic church, who has been like family.  I’ve started taking swing dance lessons once a week.  I’ve made friends, I’ve started volunteering again.  It’s like I have awakened from a long sleep.

The kids are doing GREAT here!  Ben and Joe both like school.  They enjoy the church youth group, and have made lots of friends.  Juli and Sam have a blast at school and Sam actually goes WILLINGLY!  They also enjoy the church and have made many new friends in the neighborhood.  I’m actually looking forward to summer so I can have all the neighborhood kids playing in my yard.  Sally is LOVING church.  She is such a social girl, and loves to sing. 

I can not believe how my general outlook on life has changed so much, this move has been like a new start, for all of us.  I LOVE it!  The only thing that would make it better would be if Jeff was here to share all of this with us.  I miss him!