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I have decided to put my focus on a few things.

1.  Instead of focusing on what was taken from me, I will focus on what was/is given.

2.   I can not control my circumstances, but I can control my reactions to these circumstances.  I get to choose how I react.

3.  Stupid and cheerful is always a great plan B.


Weathering the storm

Ya know how when you are watching the weather channel and they predict storms you think “Yuck”.  You aren’t quite sure what to expect.  You tend to think back to the last storm and wonder if it will be that severe, or you may think back to the worst storm you ever experienced and wonder if it will be as horible.  You also may think back to the worst storm you ever heard about and hope it’s not nearly as tramatic.

One think I “like” about being a widow and having “weathered” the worst storm imagineable is that now I just think to myself… “Hmmm…it can’t be nearly as bad as losing my husband, so whatever it is will be okay”  Once you’ve made it through the worst everything else is a bump in the road.  Kind of odd, but yet also kind of comforting.

There is no real point to this post, just a random thought, maybe I’ll expand on later, but for now, I’ll simply ponder…

I hope this week brings you all great big belly laughs and quiet moments of contentment.


What I have:

I have great kids (well most of the time)

I have great friends (only a phone call away)

I have great family (most of the time 8))

The in-laws are pretty great too

I have an open mind, I can accept what is given to me

I have faith that things will work out (even if it’s not “my” plan)

I have lots of junk food (keeps the kids busy)

I have an understanding of death that brings me peace

I have an acceptance of death (only because I have no choice)

I have pretty fast internet

I have a wonderful fantacy life that I can visit whenever I want

I have fantastic memories

I have loved and been loved

I have a warped sense of humor, I crack myself up at times

I have the ability to be responsible and act like a grwn-up (even if I don’t wanna)

I have lots of upper torso strenth (thanks to splitting wood)

I have very creative housekeeping skills (LOL)

I have the best excuse to be lazy and not get out of bed (although my kids don’t care)

I have hope

I have a nice ass (I may need that later)

I have people who care about me

I have the coolest angel watching over me (even if he tells me what to do)

See, I have no reason to wallow in self pity.  I’m gonna put on my big girl panties and kick some butt.  No more mopey and whiney.  (well, maybe…remind me tomorrow)