This is what I dislike…

Im going to complain, cuz I can.  This is really a list of things I hate, I would have used that in the title, but hate sounds so negitive.  By Golly tho, I’m feeling negitive.

I dislike Hate:

when I cant sleep at night

Grammer, spelling, and punctuation

when joe shuffles through my underware drawer to find my secret stash of cookies

TEENAGERS, especially when they belong to me and think they know everything

when my kids sneak into my bed, when I am not home, with their stinky socks on

when said kids eat crummy stuff (like my secret underware drawer cookies) in my bed

Road construction, especially that cute girl who holds the stop sign and gets paid like $30/hr.  Really?  I’d hold that sign for $25/hr

being widowed (life is soo not fair)

being a solo parent

dirty dishes

There, I feel better now.  Tomorrow I’ll make a list if things I like…Ohhhh I’m so excited. 

Sweet dreams!  Hug your sweetie n kiss your kids 8)

One response to “This is what I dislike…

  1. Hey Laura – So glad to see you posting again. Come see us sometime. We are not all that far away.

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